Godzilla Teaser


When I first heard there was a new Godzilla movie coming out I was like… oh… meh…

That’s probably because I never cared much about the original Godzilla movies and because I actually saw Roland Emmerich’s piece of crap. I mean, one, that movie starred Matthew Broderick.

Now, I like Ferris Bueller as much as the next guy, but Ferris Bueller is not an action star.

Two, the soundtrack had Jimmy Page doing a song with P Diddy, who was probably still called Puff Daddy then. It featured that clown rapping over Page playing Kashmir.

I mean… go f*ck yourself! If Puff Daddy ever trifles with another Zeppelin song again I will hunt him down.

Anyway, everything about that last Godzilla moved sucked.

This one? Well, I’m now intrigued.

Here’s the teaser that was released yesterday. Mass destruction and carnage!