A Gigantic Optimus Prime Balloon Sculpture

Optimus Prime balloon sculpture

I can’t say I can get excited about Transformers anymore. Michael Bay completely went and ruined that. But hey, this is a feat… or something. It’s a giant balloon sculpture of Optimus Prime.

Why is it purple and green? I couldn’t tell you. I guess purple and green balloons were on sale that day. In my recollection, Optimus Prime was blue and red because, you know, America!

Nonetheless, there’s a giant purple and green Transformer. Made of balloons. Probably doesn’t transform at all. Or if he does, he probably makes that annoying, squeaky balloon sound when doing so.

This was created by John Reid, who claims it’s the largest balloon sculpture created by one person. And who are we to doubt him?

Oh, and he calls it Poptimus Prime.

Get it?