Get your haircut by bikini girls…only in LA

Exclusively4men is a male only hair salon in Los Angeles. While its website may suggest its like any other hairdressers, the pictures show that the difference is very apparent!

Theres is a gap in the market here in wales…anyone care to oblige?



  1. the so call excluesivly4men is nothing but a scam the owner has a shop in cypress
    and if u search for the so call anahiem its a p.o. box and the number u call is a answering company the person who states that its his daughters biz and show and has been showiung nothing but old pics since december of 2006… I should know I have the so call models and had paid for all the costums and events that the so call owner put up on his web site not a penny was paid by them i have proff.. the so call salon will never open unless they find stupid women and men to pay for it..I JUST COMPLETED A MUISC VIDEO …SO MICHEAL WHO HAVE U RIP OFF LATELY MISS U AT THE EROTICA SHOW WHAT NOBODY WANTED TOO PAY FOR IT ….. GIVE ME A CALL I WILL HOOK U UP WITH A LIMO BEFORE THEY DO

  2. Thats true this so cal “hair Salon” for men doesnt Excist!!! it never will … I was one of the promotional models, the owner never Paid me Carmen did she paid for everything. Michael the “owner” lol was just using Carmen for her money… I was hired to be on playboy Radio and lie about this coming hair salon for men, yes i was paid to lie! and I have proof to show!!! lol sucks to be you Michael! your Fantasy Hair Salon for ” Exclusively 4 men” only lives in that lil’ Retard thing you call head!

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