Gen-pets. Genetically Engineered Pets for Sale.

“Imagine walking into a department store or any big box store, and while browsing an aisle you find a display where packages hang; which, at first glance, seem to contain large action figures. Upon closer inspection, you realize they are actually bizarre, altered, bipedal mammals sealed in a plastic bubble where they uneasily rest in some kind of induced hibernation. ”

“They are there, ready to take home and add to your life as the next entertainment gadget; bioengineered creatures, mass-produced, and pre-packaged for your convenience.”

Gen-pets is an amazing project by a canadian sculptor called Adam Brandejs. There is even a full accompanying website to promote this fictional product.

I want one!


  1. Hi,
    After reading about this clever piece of art and doing a little research, this was breaking news a couple of years ago, to highlight how advertising and marketing has damaged this new generation of consumers, even if it goes against their morals and ethics about bio-engineering or buying animals in plastic. Very clever indeed, I just hope the artist got his point across, although I doubt it?!

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