Game of Thrones Done Brady Bunch Style

Game of Thrones and The Brady Bunch

Do we need more mashups of the Game of Thrones opening? No, we do not. But we’re going to get them anyway and while we’ve begun to ignore them, this one was particularly clever.

It was done by Wil Wheaton. Did you even know he was still alive? I didn’t. You know, he was that skinny kid in Stand By Me. He may or may not have done other things with his life. We’re not sure.

Apparently, dude has something called The Wil Wheaton Project. We’re pretty sure it should not be confused with The Alan Parsons Project.

Did you know that guy produced Dark Side of the Moon? Alan Parsons, not Wil Wheaton.

Little trivia for you.

Anyway, Wheats has gone and done Game of Thrones as if it were the opening of The Brady Bunch. Everyone remembers that opening.

Here’s a story… yeah.

This is pretty funny. Theon Greyjoy has no dick.

Seriously, he doesn’t and they tell you right in the song.

(these guys)