Funny Caricatures…

If anyone has details of the artist, let me know in the comments so i can credit them in full. Great work.

UPDATE: Thanks to “Lord Benj” for pointing out that these are the work of the amazing Derren Brown who, if you havent heard of him, Derren is an amazing illusionist/hypnotist from the UK. I would 100% recommend his book that ive just finished reading “”Tricks of the Mind”.
More of Derrens work can be seen here

Click on read more to view the full collection (via)


  1. I always enjoy great and interesting work. There are so many pretenders around these days. Thank You for sharing your humour and your art. I relate to The Bruce Willis picture, we have a lot in common.
    Thanks again

  2. Incredible talent…paris hilton seems a bit boring…no more so than in “real life”…the rest, esp bruce, nick and tom hanks–amazing!! Pray continue…

  3. Wow! never realised derren brown was a caricatureartist aswell as all the other amazing shit he does, he is the best mind trick/photoreader/illusionist you will probably ever see. Americans should check this guy out he will blow your mind, much better than Blaine’s parlour tricks, he even explains a lot of what he is doing, some of his shows are on

    The phonebook thing is incredible…

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