These Full House Hockey Jerseys are the Best

Full House hockey jerseys

Remember the show Full House? It made Bob Saget, John Stamos and, to a certain extent, Dave Coulier famous.

On the show, which was about three dudes raising two girls in one giant house in San Francisco, Stamos’ character was Uncle Jesse. He was in a band called Jesse & The Rippers, presumably because they ripped.

This fictional band has also played in real life, so I guess that at least makes them real in part. Anyway, this sweet-ass hockey uniform was unveiled on Reddit yesterday. It’s for a Philadelphia-area men’s league hockey team called The Rippers.

There’s Uncle Jesse in all his early 90s glory playing a guitar/hockey stick. On the bottom you see the Golden Gate Bridge. Finally, on the bottom of the sleeves, there’s the hand signal for Coulier’s famous (and really annoying) Cut. It. Out.

Just tremendous.