For Sale: Icky Diseased Pancreas.

Yep, someone is selling their own Pancreas on Ebay. Its not even a good one! A french canadian is selling his diseased pancreas at a Buy it now price of just $75,000.

Basically, this guy believes his pancreas has contracted a rare condition that he believes should be studied. The lucky owner of this piece of him will be able to make a scientific breakthrough and rule the world.

What exactly Meunier is offering for the $75,000 is unclear, though he does propose to serve as a research consultant for that price.

An earlier version of the ad on the BidOfferBuy site suggests he is offering much more than just his expertise.

“I need serious help…I want to do something to cure it (nesidioblastosis) or stop it,” the posting reads. “As a matter of fact, I’m so decided (sic) to help that I would be ready to place my pancreas at the disposal of serious researchers.”

According to a separate website maintained by Meunier, he developed nesidioblastosis after a gastric bypass for obesity in 2000.

Until recently medical researchers considered nesidioblastosis, or persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia of infancy (PHHI), rare among adults. Severe forms of the disease can cause brain damage or even death.

Meunier claims his onset was caused by the gastric bypass and wants to open the door to more research to explore the link.

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