Flowers Grow From Steel

A Chinese man has reportedly found flowers growing from a steel pipe in his vegetable garden. Grandpa Ding told Sohu News: “I was cleaning the pipes, then my hand touched something fluffy.”

Ding says he was surprised to see the patch of tiny white flowers growing on the smooth steel.

“The stems are slimmer than human hair, and altogether there are 38 small white flowers on top,” he said.

The flowers open in the mornings, then close when the sun grows strong. Each flower has a diameter of 1mm. Link

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Author: Rob Gale

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  1. It had me in awe for a second!

    I was already fantisizing about a mutating nature, adapting to an urbanized environment…

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  2. they do look like lacewing eggs, but how are they up right? thats unusual , actualy the persepctive of the shot does look rather strange

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