This is a FedEx Funeral Procession

FedEx funeral

Seriously. It’s a FedEx funeral procession.

What’s the procession for, you might ask? That package of mine that they lost last week? That the driver insisted he left outside the door, but certainly didn’t leave outside of my door?

No. My missing package didn’t get nearly as much attention. Nor did it ever get delivered. This guy named Mickey got plenty of attention, though. And he did get delivered — to a six-foot hole in the ground.

Mickey worked at FedEx and everyone loved him. So much so that when he died back in February, co-workers rounded up 100 FedEx vans at the Pittsburgh airport and formed this funeral procession.

A grand gesture, except for the fact that a shitty company like FedEx gets a bunch of exposure for it. We appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. See more here.