Face-Painted Man Attempts Bench Press Record, Fails

Angelo Samarripa fail!

I don’t really know what makes this so funny to me, but I can’t stop chuckling about it. This is Angelo Samarippa. He’s 20 and he’s a pretty good powerlifter from what I gather.

Good for him.

In this clip, he’s going to attempt to set the world record for the unassisted bench press. He’s trying to lift 725 pounds.

He’s going to fail, but that’s not necessarily why I laughed.

First, the face paint.

At first, Samarippa is a normal, non-face-painted human being. Then he comes out for the big lift. Gotta have face paint on when you’re gonna do a big lift.

Second, and probably most of all, it’s how these idiots in the crowd are cheering him on with chants of “Beast!” You can see one of the dudes to the right of the bench REALLY getting into it.

They are saying, “I have come to see a man lift much weight! His name is Beast! Beast! Beast! Beast!”

Lastly, there’s the colossal failure. Samarippa doesn’t even get the bar off his chest and the chants quickly turn into whimpers.

Hey, no offense to the kid. Do better next time. Maybe leave the face paint and the loonies at home though.

(these guys)