Every console released under one roof. Or is it?

Oh the memories that spring to mind looking at this pic. Although the comments in flickr point out a few missing machines from the collection. The Jaguar, PSP (i cant believe thats not there), Game Gear and the original 2 colour gameboy.

And what about the Amiga CD32! Remember that one? I wasted many hours on Zool on the CD32. It didnt get the recognition it deserved that machine.


  1. To name a few… PS One…PS2 Slimline…PSP…Original Gameboy (Grey and Yellow) , and they’re just the recent ones…For a full list…Check Wikipedia


  2. Goddamnit your right. I didnt notice that. Im a PS3 person myself so the Wii doesnt exist in my world 😉

    Its not so much of a comprehensive collection now is it!

  3. I don’t see an Atari 7800, a ColecoVision, an Atari 5200 or an Intellivision either. But, it’s a great collection.

  4. There is a Game Gear in the pic, lower left above the Lynx. There is also a slimline PS2 in the back, next to the regular PS2

  5. Oh, and the little seen atari lynx. I loved mine! and all maybe ten games they ever made for it…

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