DuckTales Theme as an R&B Slow Jam

DuckTales slow jam

DuckTales slow jam

All I remember from the DuckTales theme song is, “DuckTales, woo ooh!” even though I watched it every day after school when I was a kid. That’s not at all what’s important here though.

What’s important is that someone did that theme song as a slow R&B jam. And it is tremendous.

It’s part of a series called Saturday Morning Slow Jams. Was DuckTales ever on Saturday mornings? Not to my recollection, but whatever.

This project is the work of Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox. You’ll have to look him up because that name means nothing to us, but we thought he should get credit nonetheless.

As far as the video, this clown on the right with the sunglasses on playing whatever the hell that is that he’s playing is the best.