Dorkiest Engagement Photos Ever [Photos]

We’ve seen some dorky wedding photos before and yes, we’ve also seen some dorky engagement photos. These, however, probably take the cake.

Most of the dorky fare is because of bad fashion choices that occur because of the time period in which they were taken. These, however, were dorkified on purpose. That’s right, they all have a Star Wars theme and, if you want to be a stickler, a completely inconceivable one.

You’ve got the Jedi Knight (the dude) meeting the Sith Lord (the chick) and well, falling in love after some sort of intense light saber battle. Sweet plot!

Anyway, we can’t really see this woman’s face because it’s covered in Darth Maul makeup. It begs the question — is that because she’s ugly or hideously disfigured? Shouldn’t the dude be wearing the Darth Maul makeup if anyone has to wear it?

How are they going to explain this to their kids? Are they going to wear this shit at their wedding? Were this dude’s bros high-fiving him when they saw these photos?

So many questions!

Anyway, here are some of the photos for your perusal. You can find more at Michael James Photography.

(Via The FW)