All the Other Dogs Make Fun of Super Nintendog

Super Nintendog

This dog is called Super Nintendog. I only know that because it says it in the background of one of the photos. The other dogs beat him up on the playground.

So, obviously, the awful, awful human beings that own this dog were going for a Super Nintendo theme. It’s really a Super Mario Bros. theme though. I guess Super Mario Dog didn’t have the same ring as Super Nintendog.


This dog’s hair has been cut and dyed so that it depicts Bowser, Mario and some other stuff from Super Mario Bros. Am I impressed? No. I am horrified for this poor animal.

It’s a good thing dogs are color blind. Seriously.

Why would people do this? Well, so they can enter their dog into a grooming contest.

Yeah, there is such a thing, which is maybe even sadder than how this dog looks. These photos were taken at Intergroom 2014 in New Jersey, which sounds like a roaring good time. One of their big events was a lip sync contest.

I shit you not.

Love your pets. Don’t make fools of them.

Super Nintendog

Super Nintendog