Dog has kittens.

A dog in China has become a local celebrity after it “reportedly” gave birth to a kitten.

Apparently a local vet has confirmed that it is a dog but looks like a cat because of a gene mutation.

“The first two puppies the dog produced were both normal, but when the third baby came, the whole family was very surprised to see a cat-like creature. It is a cat, not a dog at all,” he said.

Local residents have been flocking to his house to see the ‘kitten’ which local vets say is really a puppy which looks like a cat because of a gene mutation. It apparently yaps like a puppy.

via Ananova

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Author: Jase

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  1. Oh, please. What a load of crap. A gene mutation caused a puppy to look like a kitten? Who writes this crap? I’m sure this happens all the time. Human babies that look like ox, or maybe rabbit babies that look like vultures. I don’t buy it, and, in my humble opinion, anyone that does is a loon. Unless, of course, that flaming ghost of the pope says it’s real…..

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  2. Right.. Ripped from the pages of that reknown “news” authority.. WEEKLY WORLD NEWS!!, no doubt.. Geez.. what a bunch of nonsense..

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  3. This Blog has been nominated for a trafficdepartment top 100 blogs award

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  4. oh my god.. I bet some idiot out there is actually believing it…
    Who would even write this? Everyone can tell its FAKE.
    also a load of bull crap.

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  5. Well look at the feet compare to the puppy next to it. I’ve had both puppies and kittens and cats toes don’t look like that…

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  6. Does it bark? or meow? and how come we never see pictures of these kinda thing when they get older?

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  7. i really dont belive this stuff and if u do ur just stupid u must have just put the cat there when it was first born or the dog found it somewhere i just dont belive this s***

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