Dog has kittens.

A dog in China has become a local celebrity after it “reportedly” gave birth to a kitten.

Apparently a local vet has confirmed that it is a dog but looks like a cat because of a gene mutation.

“The first two puppies the dog produced were both normal, but when the third baby came, the whole family was very surprised to see a cat-like creature. It is a cat, not a dog at all,” he said.

Local residents have been flocking to his house to see the ‘kitten’ which local vets say is really a puppy which looks like a cat because of a gene mutation. It apparently yaps like a puppy.

via Ananova


  1. Oh, please. What a load of crap. A gene mutation caused a puppy to look like a kitten? Who writes this crap? I’m sure this happens all the time. Human babies that look like ox, or maybe rabbit babies that look like vultures. I don’t buy it, and, in my humble opinion, anyone that does is a loon. Unless, of course, that flaming ghost of the pope says it’s real…..

  2. Right.. Ripped from the pages of that reknown “news” authority.. WEEKLY WORLD NEWS!!, no doubt.. Geez.. what a bunch of nonsense..

  3. oh my god.. I bet some idiot out there is actually believing it…
    Who would even write this? Everyone can tell its FAKE.
    also a load of bull crap.

  4. Well look at the feet compare to the puppy next to it. I’ve had both puppies and kittens and cats toes don’t look like that…

  5. Does it bark? or meow? and how come we never see pictures of these kinda thing when they get older?

  6. i really dont belive this stuff and if u do ur just stupid u must have just put the cat there when it was first born or the dog found it somewhere i just dont belive this s***

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