Does Kate Hudson have the perfect bum?

The celeb blogosphere is buzzing today with the discovery of what has been described as THE bum; the “worlds most perfect ass”. Kate Hudson was spotted sunbathing on holiday on the weekend and her pictures have adorned nearly every celeb blog there is.

Obviously im not going to comment on the quality, shape, texture etc of anybodies backside but i will, instead, let you guys decide!

Well, what do you think? Does she deserve the title?

For more pics, head over to the Blemish or click on

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Author: Jase

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  1. You must be a person that feels that a ass is extra baggage if you think that low flat pale ass looks better than any of the ten or twelve great asses on my block. That looks like a prepubescent girl. She has no waist.

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  2. Perfect Ass that is

    Ignore the spic wannabes, Pale is Beautiful, Pure and Superior!

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  3. aryanwarrior are you that little fag from youtube aryanwarrior34?

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