DIY Real Dead Mouse Mouse.

Here are some handy instructions how to turn your ex-pet mouse into your next furry PC peripheral!

“Obtain a small travel-size (hardware) mouse. This one is a wired mouse that is way to small to use comfortably every day, but perfect for going inside of a mouse. Obtain a similarly-sized (wetware) mouse. These are commonly available fresh or frozen from pet stores, or any other place that sells reptile food. It’s easier to fit a small object into a large mouse than a large object into a small mouse, so err on the side of caution. You can always fill extra space with cotton balls. If you’ve got an optical (hardware) mouse, make sure to choose a pale-furred (wetware) mouse for lightest skin pigment – this will be important later.”


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Author: Jase

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  1. this is retarded! id they just use thier dead pet mouse for thier comouter! this is wrong! dont start getting people killing mice for this!

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  2. this is inhumane, and cruel.
    whoever thought of this should be sent to a mental hospital.

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  3. That’s terrible!

    And why would anybody really want to use their pet mouse… It would just make me sad..

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  4. honestly this is one of the coolest things ive ever seen. its not like anyone is gonna go kill a mouse to do this. it says clearly YOU CAN BUY IT FROZEN. and im going to. this is l3git

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  5. oh my god, i wanna kill my pet just to do this!!!! that is megga legit!!! lurve it

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