Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters

Illustrator Ralph Sevelius, who actually works for Disney, has been mashing up Disney princesses with Star Wars characters.

“The idea came when Disney had bought the Star Wars property and a friend made a tongue in cheek joke saying, ‘I guess princess Leia is a new Disney princess,’ Sevelius told LAist.

The illustrator, who primarily works for Disney, puts a great deal of thought into his characters when he combines the two worlds. “What I see too often are crossovers that are combined for the sake of combining them and there really isn’t a whole lot of thought to it,” he said. “You can have any two of your friends date, but that doesn’t make them a good couple. There needs to be a good fit.”

Sevelius will be posting more in the series on his blog. There are eight more to go.

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Author: Monty McMahon

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