Dining Among The Dead [Video]

There’s something quite odd about New Lucky restaurant in Ahmedabad, India. It may seem creepy and gross, but two Indian men K.H. Mohammed and Krsihan Kutti Nair built the eatery within the centuries old graveyard. One would think that the man’s crazy. No one in their right mind would do such a thing. But shockingly enough business is booming! Whatever juju is happening there isn’t deterring patrons (who still admit they’re spooked going there) from dining alongside the dead. Even after the owner’s death, the staff has taken over, business doesn’t seem to die down. The staff swear that there is something about the cemetery that keeps enterprises successful.

The green-colored coffins that line certain areas if the restaurant are said to belong to the relatives of a 16th century Sufi saint whose tomb lies nearby.