Difference Between DC and Marvel

Difference between DC and Marvel

DC Comics or Marvel Comics? Personally, I say who cares? They both produce some good stories and iconic characters.

DC has been more conservative when it comes to feature films, however. Marvel? Well, they’re riding that pony for all it’s worth!

And it’s worth quite a lot.

DC has released 25 films, but they’ve been based on just nine characters (counting the Watchmen as one). One of those films was Catwoman, based on the character from the Batman comic books. DC currently has one announced film — a sequel to Man of Steel.

Mavel, meanwhile, has released 36 films. We’re not even going to count the characters, franchises or what have you. There are more than nine. They have four more films coming out this year and another already scheduled for 2015. There are also five more films announced.

Go to that well and go to that well often, son!