Darth Vader Wants to be President of Ukraine

Darth Vader for president

I don’t think I’m making this up… I say that because, although it sounds completely absurd, I’ve seen it published elsewhere. Darth Vader wants to be the president of Ukraine.

That is, a guy who dresses up in a Darth Vader costume. He’s serious though. Serious in that he’s always in costume as far as we can tell and that he wants to run for president.

The guy won the presidential primary for the Ukrainian Internet Party, according to Russia Today. Of course, that party isn’t recognized by the Ukrainian Justice Ministry. This guy can still get on the ballot by declaring by April 4 and putting up $236,000 for electoral commission. His party is expected to make the payment.

Nice touch with the Imperial March.

These guys obviously take both themselves and Star Wars pretty seriously. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the hell Vader said in his speech.

This was taken from the comments section of the YouTube page, and if you want to believe that he says: Our beliefs will be defended. We’ll defend our beliefs with the strength of weapon. We won’t let our land go. I’ll lead our empire to magnificent glory.

Seems legit…