Danny McBride Tells us Why Baseball is Better

Danny McBride

There’s a new commercial for the baseball video game MLB 2014 The Show featuring Danny McBride. No, he is not playing Kenny Powers, but he may as well be.

McBride in real life is inserted into the actual video game footage and that’s pretty cool. Also, Danny McBride is funny, even when he’s not Kenny Powers.

But the whole premise of this campaign is “baseball is better” and McBride gives us a bunch of reasons why.

Well, unfortunately, I’ve got news. Baseball is not better, especially if you’re a fan of a small-market team like I am because they’re usually out of contention by the end of May. That makes the 100-odd games left on the schedule totally useless. Because really, no one gives a shit about the Yankees or the Sox unless they live in the states where those teams play.

What is better? Football is better than pretty much everything. And I’m not talking about the kind of football where they kick a round ball back and forth for an hour and a half.