Dance Like No One’s Watching… In A Laundromat [Video]

You know the saying, dance like no one’s watching. Well, it’s being done in this video, in a busy laundromat and the funny this is, at first, no one is paying any attention.

Eventually, there are some people staring, wondering what the hell is going on. And then, well… just watch the video.

The dancer is actress Angela Trimbur and the laundry in question is on the east side of Los Angeles. Trimbur has had mostly minor rolls, but hell, she’s hot, so she’s got that going for her.

The music is by one of our favorite artists, Lykke Li. The song is ‘I’m Good, I’m Gone.’

[Angela Trimbur IMDB] [Angela Trimbur Twitter]

(Via Buzzfeed)