This is a Creepy Life-Size Bobblehead of Max Scherzer

Today is opening day in Major League Baseball. In Detroit they’re celebrating that by displaying life-size bobbleheads of various players. One of those players is pitcher Max Scherzer.

With a name like that he sounds like he should be running a concentration camp, but he actually won the American League Cy Young Award last season. So he’s a pretty good pitcher with a pretty crappy name.

He also has a pretty crappy life-size bobblehead. So crappy in fact that it will probably scare the hell out of your children and give you nightmares for the next two weeks. Can you see this thing creeping into your room in the dead of night as you sleep?

Max Scherzer bobblehead

That’s downright frightening. The good news for Max Scherzer is that he looks nothing like this. His eyes are two different colors, but that’s about where the similarities end.

Here’s what he really looks like.

Max Scherzer

Not quite as hideous or serial-killer-like as that rendering, huh?