Creepy Fat Dutch Guy Alert

Try watching this video featuring a fat Dutch “comedian” putting the moves onto a seven year old boy while singing a love song to him… very very creepy.


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Author: Jase

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  1. This is a fantastic show in a country where you can still have fun.
    The guy is a comedian who disrespects everyone. It’s the same guy who got a streaker on his show and forced him to take of everything and then proceeded to make fun of him.
    He’s also the one finishing a song with “these are the result from israel for the eurovision, germany zero points, hehehehe”

    The kid was a child-star at 7 or something and now performs for once in this show. Anyway, Paul de Leeuw was probably aware that this would make the whole world watch his show 😉

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  2. Come on! This is a part of a program which aired 16 years ago. The kid is a child actor especially hired for this act! He appeared several times in this program and also in a movie with that same guy. IT IS ALL STAGED!!
    Don’t you think there would have been criminal charges for that guy if it was real?! I know that people from other countries seem to think that you can live ‘lawless’ in the Netherlands, bur really: we can’t! We consider phedofiles just as dangerous and criminal as other countries think they are.

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