Congrats from Timeshia Brown


And here I didn’t think anyone still read newspapers. But look, we’re all reading one right now — or at least looking at a photo of one, which is a huge win for the newspaper industry. Anyway, Timeshia Brown…

She is the scorned wife of one Patrick Brown. Old Patrick went and impregnated some broad named Shara Cormier. Now everyone in their Texas town knows about it.

Or at least the five people who still read the newspaper know about it, because his wife took out this ad in their local rag.

Ah, dumb rednecks…

You know, rule number one of cheating on your wife is probably don’t get your mistress knocked up. Actually, rule number one is probably divorce your wife if you’re going to cheat on her, but whatever.

I’m not married. These rules do not concern me.

As for the ad…

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