Cliff Diver, Meet Shark

cliff diver, meet shark

Hey, let’s go cliff diving, says this guy and his buddy. I’ll strap a camera to my head so we can relive the awesome over and over again! Great idea!

So Chachie here jumps into the water. When he comes up, he hears someone yelling “Shark!” So of course, he goes back under the water, sees the shark, loiters around in its vicinity for a bit, goes back under the water again to look at the shark, which is now even closer and then decides to swim over and get out of the water.

Why such a long description of what went on there? Well, either the guy is a damn idiot for hanging about in the water where a shark is swimming for so long, or this video is manufactured. I could go either way.

Having swam with sharks before, I know you’re supposed to avoid flailing around. Specifically, you’ll be told not to move your arms. Swim with your legs. So this dickweed is flailing around like crazy and actually appears to go back underwater to get a look of the shark that appears to be about five feet away from him.

So like I said. Either a colossal moron or fake. You be the judge.