Chinese women want Bill Gates’ babies…literally.

In a survey of Chinese women over 15 cities, chinese magazine “Self” asked 1000 women whose bodily fluid they would like to have for some hot action…

Bill came second!!!

He beat David Beckham, Brad Pitt while other celebs like Clooney etc didnt even rank.

Go Bill! I bet when he was a school boy he would never have thought that when he grew up his sperm would be this sought after! Bill, your a success!

The top ten… (a lot of chinese celebs that i dont recognise)

1. Andy Lau

2. Bill Gates

3. Takeshi Kaneshiro

4. Liu Xiang

5. David Beckham

6. Li Ka-shing

7. Tony Leung

8. Louis Koo

9. Lee-hom Wang

10. Brad Pitt

via Weird Asia News