Chinese foot binding and the “lotus” foot.

This is the result of an encient chinese tradition called footbinding where the unfortunate person wears a shoe that is barely larger than an ipod. (classic, not touch!). The toes are forced to creep under the sole of the foot and eventually grows into this “lotus” foot.

Interestingly enough, apparently the original story of Cinderella came from China. In that version, the kind never met cinders and became obsessed with finding whoever had such a tiny foot to fit a tiny shoe.

Wouldnt have bothered personally.

via ectoplasmosis
More info together with x-rays at Wikipedia


  1. What kind of world do we live in when a woman’s natural physique cannot be appreciated. Why do traditions built on the domination of woman by men continue, we should learn from ancient examples. Most appalling of all is the forced circumcision of girls, unlike men, who are severely deprived of a normal and natural sexual life, again for the benefit and security of men with insufficient egos and no trust in the ability of women to love and choose to be faithfull…or for that matter not!

  2. This is disgusting and ridiculous.
    Yes i have heard of Women doing this before, but i have never seen these kind of photos.
    God made us how we are for a reason.
    Who are these people to deform their feet?
    Something so important to daily life, and they mutilate the purpose of a foot all together!
    I am seriously appauled at some traditions that have been seen as okay.
    This is very much NOT okay.
    I dont care if it was a culture thing, it’s not right.
    It shouldn’t have begun in the first place.

  3. I was just reading “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”, a wonderful book, by the way, and it illustrates just how torturous and anguishing the process of foot-binding is. They call them “golden lilies”, symbolizing the desired petal shape of finished bound feet. The smaller and more perfect your bound feet are, the higher up your status and the better your marriage. The main character’s feet were actually 7 centimeters long after binding. That’s approximately the size of a thumb.

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