CheeseBurger Flavored Water. Introducing “Meat Water”!

Mmmmmmm. “You can even taste the ketchup!”. You are also advised to drink it warm. Sounds delicious!

Meat Water is also “available” in other mouth watering flavors such as Beef Jerky, Fish n Chips, Hot Dog and a good few more. The Fish N Chip water is a lovely shade of Toilet Duck…

You never can tell with these things if their real or just another artistic practical joke.

Seeing as you arent actually able to purchase the product on the site i would probably say that its just a marketing exercise to see how far you can go and, with the help of good aspirational marketing, what rubbish can be sold to the poor public.

(I would have given it ago although i was disappointed to see a lack of Sausage & Bacon Water on the menu.)