Yup, Sharknado 2

Oh, yeah! Or as the Macho Man Randy Savage would say, “Oooooooooooooh Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah!” I won’t lie. I have not seen the first Sharknado movie, but I also have not been living under a rock, so I’ve heard all about it. If you haven’t seen it and can’t glean everything you need to know from the… Continue reading Yup, Sharknado 2

These Full House Hockey Jerseys are the Best

Remember the show Full House? It made Bob Saget, John Stamos and, to a certain extent, Dave Coulier famous. On the show, which was about three dudes raising two girls in one giant house in San Francisco, Stamos’ character was Uncle Jesse. He was in a band called Jesse & The Rippers, presumably because they… Continue reading These Full House Hockey Jerseys are the Best

Tyrion’s Speech with a Different Ending

Last week’s Game of Thrones featured Tyrion Lannister, who is on trial for killing King Joffrey, giving a rousing speech where he demanded trail by combat. While that was awesome, the alternate ending to that speech might be even more awesome. We’ll say no more. Just watch this. (These guys)

Buzzfeed Tries to Explain Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

You know. For kids. Oh, wait. That was the hula hoop. Anyway, here’s Buzzfeed trying to explain Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood to modern kids. They’re so cooool with their fancy gadgets and gizmos! And also, this chick’s voice is really, really annoying, but try not to pay attention to that. (These guys)

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