Here’s a Drunk Guy Trying to Play Goalie

What happens when you try to play sports while drunk? Nothing good, usually. Here’s a great example. This guy got drunk and then attempted to play goalie in a Czech hockey league. He’s not terribly nimble.

You Can Poop with a Friend at the Sochi Olympics

BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg is in Sochi, where the winter Olympics will be held next month, and he’s found something peculiar. Two toilets in one stall. Rosenberg took this photo in the men’s bathroom at the Olympic Biathlon Centre. These are great if you want to high five a teammate after a big win and simultaneously… Continue reading You Can Poop with a Friend at the Sochi Olympics

Watch Michelle Obama Dunk in this Videobomb

The Miami Heat was at the White House visiting President Barack Obama recently. Their honor for winning last season’s NBA title. While they were there, some of the players shot a promo for first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign. The campaign basically encourages kids to be healthy. This video was part of the campaign. So… Continue reading Watch Michelle Obama Dunk in this Videobomb

Worst Tan Line Ever?

This is PGA Tour golfer Stewart Cink. These guys are out in the sun on the course all the time and they’re always wearing some sort of sponsor gear — hats, shirts, whatever. So they get a lot of sun, but only on certain parts of their bodies. Hence, most golfers probably have some of the… Continue reading Worst Tan Line Ever?

Inflatable Mascot Scares Crap Out of Houston Rockets Players

We’re not sure what the story behind this is, but it must have happened pretty recently because the video was just posted today. Here you’ve got a giant inflatable mascot for the Houston Rockets, which appears to be a bear for some reason. As the players go in for practice it just sits there. When… Continue reading Inflatable Mascot Scares Crap Out of Houston Rockets Players

Séan Garnier’s Insane Street Football Skills

It’s called freestyle football — or I guess freestyle soccer if you’re American — and Séan Garnier is awesome at it. Freestyle football combines football, or soccer, and breakdancing. Garnier is from France and not surprisingly, he’s a Red Bull athlete. This video was shot in London in December. Check it.

Hockey Fan FAIL!

The Detroit Red Wings played the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Winter Classic yesterday. The game was held outdoors at Michigan Stadium and was a pretty big deal for hockey. It was cold and snowing. As you might expect, there were plenty of news outlets on hand to do reports. As you also might expect,… Continue reading Hockey Fan FAIL!

Football vs. Soccer

Some people call it football. Some people call it soccer. Here’s a map to break it down by country. Yes, us idiots in the U.S. and Canada call it soccer. Deal with it. (Via)

Nightmarish Compilation of Extreme Sports Crashes

This video is just brutal. It’s a compilation of extreme sports crashes and the injuries that result from them. It comes from the documentary The Crash Reel, which is in theaters in the U.S. and Canada now. Some of these made me squirm a little bit, so be warned. It’s definitely worth a look though,… Continue reading Nightmarish Compilation of Extreme Sports Crashes