Sochi is Already a Ghost Town

Remember when Sochi had those Olympic games not too long ago? Yeah, that was earlier this year. Not surprisingly, all of the infrastructure that was built for those games is now deserted and beginning to fall into disrepair. This pretty much happens with every Olympic city, with the exceptions being major cities that can find… Continue reading Sochi is Already a Ghost Town

Jeremy Lin’s Mom Does Not Like Cake to the Face

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin likes to clown his mom. It was her birthday on Wednesday, so he gave her a cake. Right to the face. She was not happy, exploding with a series of slaps. Previously, Lin could be found dunking all over his mom.

Dan Jennings Got Hit in the Head with a Line Drive

The Miami Marlins were playing the Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday night. In the 7th inning, pitcher Dan Jennings took Jody Mercer’s line drive off the side of his skull. Not pretty. Not the shot, nor the aftermath. The ball was traveling at 101 miles per hour and perhaps what’s most surprising is that Jennings’ head… Continue reading Dan Jennings Got Hit in the Head with a Line Drive

Jeff Bridges Bowls First Pitch

The Los Angeles Dodgers had Jeff Bridges throw out the first pitch on Friday night. Jeff Bridges is, has always has been and always will be The Dude. And The Dude bowls. So The Dude bowled the first pitch. I’m throwing rocks tonight! Your browser does not support iframes.

Exploding Beer

This beer exploding incident occurred at Wednesday’s San Francisco Giants game with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Amazingly, the woman appears to see the ball coming directly at her and her beer and does absolutely nothing to move herself or her beer or catch the ball. It’s kind of like… duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh… oh my god! Beer explosion! At… Continue reading Exploding Beer