What Happens When The Super Friends Become Characters in Golden Girls [Video]

Two of my favorite tv shows during the 80’s have come together for a rather sweet yet odd mash-up. The two things that I find disturbing are the octogenarian Robin still in swimming trunks and Batman with a silver stache. I bet you can’t help playing this over and over again. – Via HyperVocal.

McDonald’s Drive Thru Rap [Video]

Australian hip hop artist Bilal Beydoun goes on a drive thru not to show off his mad rapping skills. He recites a litany of McDonald’s food items as he puts it in the fun hip hop beat. All this momentarily confuses the counter girl. And if you’re curious, the rapper ordered a Quarter Pounder, Big… Continue reading McDonald’s Drive Thru Rap [Video]

PX Micron and Calculord Rap In The Park [Video]

PX-Micron and Calculord 3 are two malfunctioning robotic educational toys from the 1980′s. Both are homeless, forgotten but delusional megalomaniacs! But they hang out and spend hours on end at the park looking down on us humans while plotting their invasion of Earth. They incidentally perform electronic music and unlikely dance routines. All this before… Continue reading PX Micron and Calculord Rap In The Park [Video]

Black Dude Holds Mini-Concert on Subway

To some, taking the subway may be a soul deadening experience. But for others, it’s an opportunity to shamelessly show off one’s singing prowess. Or lack thereof. This thick-skinned bozo may be completely oblivious to what he’s doing to the people around him. But he definitely felt the song. Even if he terribly sounds like… Continue reading Black Dude Holds Mini-Concert on Subway