Pogo Comes Out of The Woodwork With ‘Lights Out’ [Video]

The Wizard of Oz theme becomes the subject of remix artist Pogo’s new opus. But instead of having the usual snippets of footage from the movie/s on his music video, Pogo uses his oddly charismatic rubber face. If you look closely, you might see a munchkin handling the puppet strings. – Via The Daily What.

Awesome Father and Son Drum Team [Video]

Street performers may suck, but sometimes they far outshine all the so-called talent on the street and on tv. Like this father and son team. They drum with such panache, one can’t help but applaud and thrown in a few dollars their way. Of course, it kinda helps when the kid is a prodigy. –… Continue reading Awesome Father and Son Drum Team [Video]

Gangnam Style [Video]

KPop at its most mindboggling. Someone from Youtube explained all this to us, “Gangnam is a rich place in Korea where new trend gets adapted quick and spread. However, in this video PSY, the artist, presents really funny and “countrified” dance movements which is an irony considering the title but makes the whole video even… Continue reading Gangnam Style [Video]