Worlds most expensive mega yachts…

While being the typical tourist this afternoon wandering around Nice harbour, this megayacht stood out a mile. The Excellence III made the other mulitmillion dollar yachts look like the boat equivalent of a ford fiesta. When i looked up the yacht online, i found that its only the 11th most expensive yacht in the world…… Continue reading Worlds most expensive mega yachts…

Sony Unveils Camera That Knows When You Are Smiling

Sony’s Cybershot T200 is designed to recognise when people are smiling. It features a sensor that examines faces and if it senses a face that isn’t smiling won’t take a picture. As soon as everyone is smiling it will take a picture. Gizmodo has a video that shows the camera in action.

The luxury yacht with a stupid name is up for sale.

This is the “WallyPower 118”! The WallyPower has 3 gas turbines which moves it along at 60knots which is pretty fast i think. The design is the result of extensive research in conjunction with Ferrari in Italy. It has room for 6 crew and 6 guests, a solid teak deck, kitchen, 6 LCD TV’s and… Continue reading The luxury yacht with a stupid name is up for sale.

The World’s Biggest BlackBerry

This may be the world’s largest functioning Blackberry. It is located in the Nextel store at the Las Vegas Convention Center Monorail Station. At least it was when it was posted on this blog last year.