Giant leather Elephant Mini-Bar anyone?

So you have your perfect bacholar pad all decked out in the latest styles..the latest gadgets out on display. Perfect. All you need to complete the look now is a minibar right?! Perfect… Here is your very own Giant Abercrombie Leather Elephant Bar Amazing leather and wood elephant bar. A unique commission for a British… Continue reading Giant leather Elephant Mini-Bar anyone?

The Sony PS3 female mexican wave.

At the beginning and end of every day of the Tokyo Game Show, the ladies (who are all the same height!) who guard the sony exhibition area stand on parade and in a straight line….a very straight line…a very very straight line. The are shouted at by their instructor and then they start an almost… Continue reading The Sony PS3 female mexican wave.

The ultimate Computer Case Mod for Diggers

This little beauty is now up for auction on Ebay. It is made from mdf (fiberboard) finished with a pearl blue custom paint job. The letters of the word DIGG even light up in blue. The little led screenreader at the base of the case takes the latest top stories from digg and displays them… Continue reading The ultimate Computer Case Mod for Diggers

London interactive bar opens

This is “Twentyfour”, the latest uber-cool bar in London, UK. The walls are made of large projection screens that display moods and shapes depending on whats going on around and how the users/pissheads are interacting with it. Another great feature is that laying your hand on your table sends an alert to the barman who… Continue reading London interactive bar opens

The ultimate wedding gift.

This gift set designed by Katherine Gray includes everything a couple could ever need to see them through married life. (and death) Wine Goblets, Plates, Bowls, A urinal (?!?!?) and a dildo and finally funeral urns to carry ashes. All the objects are hand made and hand finished. via