A 640GB Flash based Hard Drive…only $19,000!

This is the 640Gb Fusion-io flash card which can transfer data at a stupidly fast 800Mb/sec compared to 96Mb/sec for a Ultra SCSI. Its geek heaven and damn expensive at the moment but its a peak into the future and gives us a glimpse of what will probably become standard, and a lot cheaper, in… Continue reading A 640GB Flash based Hard Drive…only $19,000!

Perfect long haul holiday flight reading.

Just in case you need to know… This guide to flying is the only book of its type on the market, combining specially taken photographs and drawings with accessible and vibrant text to take the reader through the basics of flight and give them a taster of what it’s like to pilot eight extraordinary planes.… Continue reading Perfect long haul holiday flight reading.

The $100,000 Mac II Sofa.

A couch constructed from 20 Macintosh II computers at the Mac Store in Maryland Heights, Missouri. It’s strong enough to sit upon (since the boxes were built to hold heavy 20″ monitors). Its not up for sale, but considering the original top-of-the-line Mac II sold for around $5,500, that couch could go for over $100,000.(if… Continue reading The $100,000 Mac II Sofa.

Classic gaming on your keyring.

A fully operational plugin-to-your-tv atari on your keyring!… Thats right, atari has released a set of keyrings in the shape of its iconic joystick that can plugin to your tv using the supplied cable and play classic atari games such as pong, asteroids and breakout. via geeksugar

The real x-wing capable of actually flying!

Star Wars fanatic Andy Woerner has built a real near-life size radio controlled model of the X-Wing that is capable of flight thanks to 4 solid-fuel rockets and an electric motor from an RC Helicopter. The Class M rockets are held in the wing and produce a bright red flame similar to the effect in… Continue reading The real x-wing capable of actually flying!

The New Mazda Taiki

This stunning new concept car is called the Taiki and was created by Mazda. Mazda Taiki reflects one possible direction for a future generation of Mazda sports cars aimed at helping create a sustainable society. Mazda Taiki further evolves the “flow” theme to establish a breathtaking presence that clearly distinguishes it as the next in… Continue reading The New Mazda Taiki

Nintendo to supply free condom for your remote.

Nintendo have announce that future wii’s will come with a new sticky rubbery jacket that covers the wiimote to battle against sweaty palm accidents. If you want one, you can get them for free by going to the site and asking for one. via Newlaunches.com