“Accordion Hero” parody really exists!

Its been around for a while..and has even spawned a sequel but it has always just been a fun made-up spoof of guitar hero. Well, now its become a reality. Oded Sharon hacked a real toy accordion and has interfaced it with the freeware version of Guitar Hero “Freetar Hero“.Too much time on ones hands?… Continue reading “Accordion Hero” parody really exists!

Star Wars Pod Racer on water!

This is the Aquatic PodRacer which is entirely home made by Joey Ruiter, a boat builder. With no external propeller, the boat can run in as little as five inches of water. It’s green too, since Ruiter used all recyclable materials. Now he’s building a retractable hydrofoil, which could crank the top speed from an… Continue reading Star Wars Pod Racer on water!

The Worlds Largest Arcade Machine

The arcade machine stands at a huge 13 feet tall and has a 70″-ish screen. By the looks of it, its a custom built PC using emulation software to run an old copy of the game Rampage. Primitive, but a classic. Its part of an American TV show called Attack of the Show which is… Continue reading The Worlds Largest Arcade Machine

Heart Shaped Egg

Its a little early for Valentines Day but this will be perfect. Ill probably forget all about it by then though and she will have to have a cup of tea and and a biscuit and be happy about it. via

The Gadget Show Viral Challenge

If anyone has watched The Gadget Show on Channel 5 you will know that Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry have different challenges every week. Well, it seems that there is a “Create a Viral” challenge coming up in a future episode. Ive already featured Jasons attempt with his caterpillar break dancing around the streets of… Continue reading The Gadget Show Viral Challenge