Back to Basics with the Freedom Phone.

We are all used to phones that do everything. Digital Camera, Video Camera, Internet, MP3…hell, some of them even let you talk to people in a different location to where you are! Designer Vadim Kibardin has gone back to basics for his “Freedom Phone”. The focus isnt on multi-functionality with this, its 100% simplicity.  Its… Continue reading Back to Basics with the Freedom Phone.

“Teeth”…and the anti-rape female condom “Rapex”

Ever heard of the myth-like female condition of “Vagina Dentata“? “A stranger to her own body,innocent Dawn discovers she has a toothed vagina…”. Sounds enticing doesn’t it… Teeth is a movie that sounds like its been made for a laugh. Maybe a rebellious film student in college. But Teeth is an actual movie thats getting… Continue reading “Teeth”…and the anti-rape female condom “Rapex”

So…what have we missed?

I hope you all had a great Christmas (or just a great few days off if you not into the whole christmas thing.) Not to let you all fall too far behind in the goings on on this weird earth planet thing we live on, i thought we would have a catchup post briefly featuring… Continue reading So…what have we missed?

Panoman v3 for the Nokia N95

Last night i went to the Wales Millennium Centre to watch White Christmas starring none other than Craig McLachlan; Henry from Neighbours! (Yep, he’s still going stong…but without the dungarees thankfully) While i was there waiting, i thought it was the idea opportunity to try out a new app that i had downloaded for my… Continue reading Panoman v3 for the Nokia N95