The Classic Atari Cake

We’re a big fan of geek cakes here at About:Blank and can never resist featuring the next in line… This cake is created in the style of the classic 2600 Atari games console. Everything you can see in the picture is edible (except the board its on). The detail is amazing; the woodgrain panelling, the… Continue reading The Classic Atari Cake

Awesome Wii Based VR with head tracking.

The techy stuff is a little over my head but the results are simply awesome. Top geek Johnny Lee, a PhD student, has created an amazing VR system reversing the Wii remote and Wii Sensor. Skip over to 2:30 ish to get to the good stuff. Bring on the games! Imagine this system in games… Continue reading Awesome Wii Based VR with head tracking.

The Laser Beam Harp

The laser harp has been created by Stephen Hobley. By placing his hands over the lasers, breaking the beam between the source and the mirror above, he can create a rather funky sound. It reminded me of that sound that the instrument/portal opener/can opener thingy made from the Masters of the Universe film with Dolph… Continue reading The Laser Beam Harp