Game Of Thrones Video Game [Photo]

There are fantasy fanboy games, and then, there’s this. Roberto Flores aka Dynamaito caught everyone’s imagination by creating a Mortal Kombat-like scenario for the Game of Thrones videogame over at DeviantArt. Would you play this game? Hell, yeah. Let’s just hope and pray that the REAL creators discover his art in the blogosphere and take… Continue reading Game Of Thrones Video Game [Photo]

Ready Your Feet For The Chilly Winter Ahead [Photo]

With this crazy weather we’re having, we’re almost sure that Winter is going to be a bitch by year’s end. Good thing we now have special shoelaces designed to help get our feet toasty during those brief hops to the grocery. The Warm Shoestring are shoelaces made warm by “charging” it to an outlet via… Continue reading Ready Your Feet For The Chilly Winter Ahead [Photo]

For Those Who Ever Wanted To Be In Gundam [Video]

This must be the Gundam hobbyists’ wet dream, the Kuratas. It is a 13 foot behemoth that you can purchase for $1.35 million. You do get your money’s worth though. Straight from a geek guy’s mecha fantasy, the Kuratas seats one person in its ‘one-person cockpit’, which actually pivots above the waist and has one… Continue reading For Those Who Ever Wanted To Be In Gundam [Video]

How Women Get Their Perm Circa 1934 [Photo]

It is disconcerting what women endure to achieve beauty. No matter how painful, temporary and bizaare the treatment can be. It is like subjecting oneself to torture. This is made more evident from adverts found in the olden days. During early 20th century, the chemical perm hadn’t been invented yet. So women had to use… Continue reading How Women Get Their Perm Circa 1934 [Photo]

Smart Trash Box [Video]

Now you can shoot your garbage to the trash can without missing! Modder FRP has created the Smart Trashbox, a moving can which uses Kinect to track airborne garbage. You can actually create one yourself if you can access to AutoCAD, the ability to design custom PCB’s, A CNC drilling machine, a microsoft kinect and… Continue reading Smart Trash Box [Video]