A Stylish Way To Get Hammered [Photo]

Alcoholics can now bring along larger sizes of wine without being called a shameless lush. Vernissage released a line of wine packaged in cardboard handbags. Red wine comes in a black bag. White wine in white. Rose wine in yup, you guessed it, pink. The company probably has plans of creating wine coolers in the… Continue reading A Stylish Way To Get Hammered [Photo]

The Studely Chest [Photo]

Now this in one way to get the most out of your luggage. Wikipedia tells us one Henry O. Studley created the Studley Tool Chest. It’s supposed to be a wall hanging tool chest which amazingly holds give or take 300 tools in a 40″ x 20″ space when closed. Just look at the baby… Continue reading The Studely Chest [Photo]