Star Wars Cookies Dunking Challenge?

So, ever wondered what James Earl Jones tastes like? Heres your chance. These Star Wars cookies were created by Zoe Lucas. The Vader cookie has been made to promote the Franklin Institute’s Star Wars exhibit. The big question is, as always…how do they cope with a good dunk in a cup of tea? Do they… Continue reading Star Wars Cookies Dunking Challenge?

60 Chefs Make Worlds Largest Biryani at 13 tonnes!

60 Indian chefs worked together last weekend to create a 13 tonne (28,600 pounds) biryani in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. Three cranes dumped 3,000 kilos of Basmati rice, 85 kilos of chilli peppers, 1,200 litres of oil and 3,650 kilos of vegetables into a giant vat at a New… Continue reading 60 Chefs Make Worlds Largest Biryani at 13 tonnes!

The Sauciest Tattoo Ever!

r This real tattoo is on the leg of Ben, a self confessed tomato ketchup addict. Ever since I was little I put ketchup on everything — from vegetables and fruits to pastas. It’s just something that I usually have with just about everything. I have a mini-collection of tiny ketchup bottles scattered around my… Continue reading The Sauciest Tattoo Ever!

Bacon Cups?

Our Glorious Leader here at About:Blank has some sort of fixation with bacon. He threatens us to find him bacon-related tales and news on a daily basis, and we don’t get anything for our efforts. However, today will be the day I get a payrise. Today, I present to Our Supreme Jase, Bacon Cups: (via)… Continue reading Bacon Cups?

More Geek Cakes

Yep, another collection of geek cakes. The collection had a few more but i think ive featured most of them on here in the past at some point…these were the ones i hadn’t seen before. I like the R2 D2 cake but the apple cake is so simple, so minimalistic…so apple!

The Meaty Art of Victoria Reynolds (but no Bacon!)

Featuring uncooked meat, the art of Victoria Reynolds cannot help but catch your attention! “When viewing the paintings, some say they have a gag reflex while thinking at the same time they’re beautiful.” “In my paintings, the beauty of the flesh is shown, and the ornate frames emphasize the non-Puritanical content.” I cant help but… Continue reading The Meaty Art of Victoria Reynolds (but no Bacon!)