Disturbing Meat Puppets

This highly disturbing flickr photoset, entitled “Poupees Viandes” (Meat Puppets) is by young French artist Ludovic Levasseur. They were exhibited recently in Paris at the Un Regard Moderne. Yuck…although if you throw them on the bbq for half an hour, im sure it wouldnt look far worse than a kebab on a typical night out!… Continue reading Disturbing Meat Puppets

Polystyrene Chicken Art at the Beach….eh?

Hey look, theres a big uncooked chicken on the beach! Nicolas Lampert and Micaela O’Herlihy created a ten-foot rotisserie chicken out of polystyrene foam, hard coated, and then painted with latex paint and final coat of high gloss varnish. In October, 2006 “Attention Chicken!” made a number of unannounced public interventions throughout Milwaukee at Bradford… Continue reading Polystyrene Chicken Art at the Beach….eh?

50 slices of cooked bacon crammed into a tin!

How were we ever going to resist bringing this to your attention! Its ready cooked bacon in a tin! Apparently it used to be available years ago but was shelved…well, its back! The bacon comes wrapped up in a roll of greaseproof paper jammed into the tin. Over 50 slices of the stuff! More than… Continue reading 50 slices of cooked bacon crammed into a tin!

The Smelly Bacon Tuxedo

This is “Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo”. What a great name! Its a tuxedo that is tailored from chemically treated latex print fabric and smells just like bacon cooking in the morning! Now you can party in bacon, get married in bacon, the possibilities are endless (though i doubt you’ll be able to… Continue reading The Smelly Bacon Tuxedo