“Panpaati” Edible Furniture

Spanish Designer Enoc Armengol likes disposable living. Why spend a fortune at expensive furniture stores when you can follow his example and simply bake as you go! ‘every piece forms a living, organic, natural structure, which suffers the alterationson having interacted with the environment, humans, animals…this is food! it createsa vital cycle, which it’s born,… Continue reading “Panpaati” Edible Furniture

Cookie iPhone App

Each an everyone of these iPhone Cookies are hand made (obviously) by Green Gables and come with your chosen favourite apps. Theres even a camera on the back!via

Another Half-Baked Bride

A one-of-a-kind bridal gown with a full skirt made of – you guessed it – flour, sugar and loads of frosting.Practical, this dress isn’t. It might not survive the bride’s walk down the aisle – unless she was carefully wheeled in on a cart!More

The spampersand &

The web has been alight recently with news about the new “sarcasm” symbol. In my opinion, its kind of overshadowed what could be the biggest breakthrough in online communication yet…the spampersand! via