Penis Dog, Anyone? [Photo]

If you’re worried of phallic symbols, then you might not want to go to Taipei, Taiwan. It has been discovered that a food vendor has been selling a corn dog-like concoction made by baking a sausage, coated in hotcake batter, in a special iron grill shaped like a penis. Sausage stuffed penis-shaped pancakes, yummy! –… Continue reading Penis Dog, Anyone? [Photo]

Taste The Refreshing Drink Of Eel [Photo]

Care for a cold carbonated drink with the flavor of eel? Japan Tobacco Company launched Unagi Nobori or in English, it translates to a very phallic “Surging Eel”. Just in time for Japan’s eel eating season. The yellow-colored beverage is product of the head and bones of eel plus five vitamins contained in the fish.… Continue reading Taste The Refreshing Drink Of Eel [Photo]

Want To Eat Diamonds? [Photos]

Now you can eat your precious stones. Well, not exactly. They are chocolate treats made to look like diamonds. Couture Jeweler Azature made these decadent goodies as a thank-you gift to their jewelry clients. Now, they can now be enjoyed by chocolate lovers. Azature’s fine chocolates are handcrafted from one of the rarest materials in… Continue reading Want To Eat Diamonds? [Photos]

Spicy Ramen-Flavored Soda, Anyone? [Photo]

If you’re a Japanophile, you would have enjoyed multiple servings of health-giving kimchi. (Yes, there is also kimchi in Japan even though it is Korean in origin. And it’s a popular Japanese condiment. Surprise. Surprise.) Even lapped a few spoons of kimchi juice. You think you can take it in beverage form? The soda is… Continue reading Spicy Ramen-Flavored Soda, Anyone? [Photo]

Alternative Dining [Photo]

Looking for something adventurous? Just go to the infamous Guolizhuang in Beijing China. You might be served the sort of fare that might leave you storming out of the premises, screaming. Known in English as The Beijing Penis Restaurant, it promises what its name suggests and so much more. It doesn’t just serve cock. Its… Continue reading Alternative Dining [Photo]

Where’s The Beef? [Infographic]

Here’s another fun and revealing entry from Frugal Dad. He is obviously not a vegetarian. Of course when it comes to most things in life moderation is key. Living on beef is bad, but for some people eliminating it entirely is also bad. Surprisingly it’s easier and cheaper to eat meat than it is to… Continue reading Where’s The Beef? [Infographic]

Weighing In On The Cupcake [Infographic]

Frugal Dad has been a controversial site of late. It has been supplying us with well-researched, revealing, and oftentimes eyebrow raising facts about certain topics that affect us all. A few months ago, it showed this infographic. It turns out some of the facts were shown conclusive when they weren’t. But their veracity won’t keep… Continue reading Weighing In On The Cupcake [Infographic]

Whopper Cheese Extreme Overload [Video]

A Burger King cheese burger in Japan is turned into a travesty of itself as 1000 slices of cheese are piled up on the unsuspecting fast food item. This is just another inane and stupid exercise from someone who’s in desperate need of psychiatric treatment. What a waste of food! Just in case you’re wondering,… Continue reading Whopper Cheese Extreme Overload [Video]