Here’s Reporter Mike Zambelli Punching a Guy

Yeah, you read that right. We absolutely love it when people lose their shit. Service Electric TV2 sports director Mike Zambelli definitely lost his shit right here.  While doing a report from Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Zambelli finds his broadcast being videobombed by Cowboy Batman. Zambelli reacts the only way he knows how — he punches Cowboy Batman, chasing him from… Continue reading Here’s Reporter Mike Zambelli Punching a Guy

UCLA Flooding Due to “Massive Dump”

A water main broke in Los Angeles on Tuesday and the UCLA campus was flooded. The brilliant anchors at ABC 7 were covering the UCLA flooding story when they got a call from “DWP spokesperson Louis Slungpue.” Slung-poo. It started off somewhat normally, then “Louis” started getting into his theory about a cherry bomb being… Continue reading UCLA Flooding Due to “Massive Dump”

Darth Vader Car

Hot Wheels has gone and designed a Darth Vader car. Why? Because Comic-Con is going on right now and dorks love shit like this. People who go to Comic-Con would totally drive around in a Darth Vader car. You know, because it’s practical! The car is not just a show piece. It is indeed drivable.… Continue reading Darth Vader Car