Invisible Mercedes [Video]

Mercedes is promoting its new F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell car in Germany with an ad where they make the car invisible. It has no emissions, so it’s invisible to the environment, you see. To accomplish this, they covered the car in LEDs and have a camera on one side of the car transmitting the image… Continue reading Invisible Mercedes [Video]

Elaine’s Dance

If you watched Seinfeld, then you surely remember Elaine’s dance. The writhing, convulsing, kicking amalgamation of moves so painful to watch you just couldn’t help but laugh. As I recall, it only appeared in two episodes, but both were memorable ones. Artist Niege Borges Alves has created a series of illustrations of famous dances from film… Continue reading Elaine’s Dance

Own Frank Sinatra Farralone Estate For Just $12 Million [Photos]

It’s simply known as Farralone, which probably doesn’t mean anything to most people, but the estate that sits just outside of Los Angeles has an amazing history. Located in Chatsworth, California, Farralone was originally commissioned by Dora Hutchison, the heiress to the Chase Manhattan Bank fortune. It was completed in 1951 by Pereira & Luckman, architects… Continue reading Own Frank Sinatra Farralone Estate For Just $12 Million [Photos]

Muppet Auditions [Photos]

The Muppets have a new movie in theaters and it’s called, you guessed it — The Muppets. It’s the first Muppets movie since 1992’s The Muppet Christmas Carol or, for those of us that paid no attention to that movie… 1984’s The Muppets Take Manhattan. It all started with 1979’s The Muppet Movie and, of… Continue reading Muppet Auditions [Photos]

Blade Runner Tokyo Time Lapse [Video]

Yes, is just as awesome as it sounds… that is, if you like Blade Runner. This time-lapse video, android dreams, was shot by artist Samuel Cockedey over a year in Tokyo. It was shot on a Canon 5dmk2, mostly in the Shinjuku area. The music is the main title theme and “Blush Response” from Ridley’s Scott’s sci-fi… Continue reading Blade Runner Tokyo Time Lapse [Video]

Hipster He-Man [Photos]

By the power of Grayskull! He-Man and friends got a makeover, or moved to Silver Lake, or maybe Williamsburg. Whatever it was, you’ve never seen them like this — they’re totally hipsters! Courtesy of artist Fabian Ciraolo, we’ve got He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Skeletor, Beastor and more like you’ve never seen them before… or probably ever… Continue reading Hipster He-Man [Photos]

Rice Krispies Human Centipede

If you’re not aware of The Human Centipede, consider yourself lucky. Although you’ll probably be able to piece things together after seeing this. This is artist Alex Pardee‘s rendering of somewhat lovable Rice Krispies characters Snap, Crackle and Pop forming the human centipede. Pardee is a member of The Butcher Kings collective and is known… Continue reading Rice Krispies Human Centipede

Chick With Sega Controller Chest Tattoo [Photo]

I have so many questions about this. Is she even old enough to have played Sega? Out of all the gaming systems to get a tattoo of, why this one? If you’re that big of a gamer, why a controller and not, say, some iconic character like Sonic the Hedgehog? Most importantly, what were you… Continue reading Chick With Sega Controller Chest Tattoo [Photo]